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Work Expressions: Mastering the Art of Work

Work Expressions: Mastering the Art of Work

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Ready to get Coached to Understand You and Your Work Expression and how to integrate into your work team? 

Your next level requires you to stop being a Human Doing and become a Human Being.  Human beings become!  Human doings do.  What are you becoming?  In other words, You can’t become a great coach until you master YOU.  

As a leader, knowing your own Work Expression empowers you to BECOME a better coach and help build your own high performing teams.  In sports, every great player is connected to a great coach.  Once you understand you better, your ability to select each complimentary team member based on their Work Expression to achieve your business goals.  

Before you know it, you will have built the perfect team full of impact players working together in harmony.  

There is nothing better than that!  Coach, your job is to help your people develop and make sure your team wins.  

Session 1- Introduction to Work Expressions

Session 2- Primary and Secondary Work Expressions

Session 3- How to Integrate WE into your Organization



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