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SWIM! (Book)

SWIM! (Book)

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This power-packed book is what you need to swim like a shark in the sea of life! Written as an interesting story of networking, mentorship, and connection, it is literally a parable! This engaging tale features real-life challenges and presents solutions in a simple manner
that every reader can relate to.

Motivating you to prioritize business connections and encouraging you to reach across the aisle to colleagues, this book teaches you how to build work relationships that last. Connections are an important part of any career path, and Swim! aims to help you acknowledge the power of networking for your business through this course.

Presented in such a way that elicits positive change, this story is one that is meant to keep the reader interested in pursuing mentorship in their field of work and strive towards progress as they learn from colleagues. Diving deep into the importance of positive workplace culture, the reader will encounter the truth of business networking on their own, spurring them to do more and thus, helping them to enjoy the precious effects of
effective networking!

With Ideas Applicable in Both Business and Personal Lives, This Book will Help an Individual:

  • Identify the Tools Needed for Networking and Building Relationships
  • Tap Into the Benefits of a Positive Work Culture
  • Become Aware of Their Importance in Contributing to Productivity in the Workplace
  • Discover the Value of Teamwork as They Develop a Teamwork Spirit


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