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Walter Bond Seminars

DVD-Walter Bond - LIVE

DVD-Walter Bond - LIVE

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This is a must buy. Walter shares his message of peak performance and dominance with a large group of network marketers. If you are looking to be inspired and want to get fired up, this is the one for you.

Please enjoy Walter Bond - Mr. Accountability present one of his greatest keynotes ever in front of a live audience of 13,000 network marketers with Advocare.  You will not regret your Investment in a story rich in content that can change your perspective on sales, leadership and business fundamentals.  You can enjoy one of the fastest rising stars the speaking industry has ever seen in a rare “in the moment” experience that Advocare professionals are still buzzing about years later.

After an eight year professional basketball career which included stints with the Utah Jazz, Dallas Mavericks and Detroit Pistons Mr. Accountability has become a conference and convention favorite with his unique presentation style that distinguishes himself from most other speakers packed with; humor, energy, raw emotion and unforgettable stories that will be ingest into your own personal journey and own for yourself.

You will quickly see why Mr. Accountability is in demand and recently voted top 5 in motivation, most importantly his message is a game changer for your own personal journey and you will eagerly share with your colleagues and loved ones.

You will learn; how to engage the media, the keys to selling, power of connecting and leadership principles that you can use to impact your work and home life forever.

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