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Walter Bond Seminars

Peak Performers Play: Habits and Rituals

Peak Performers Play: Habits and Rituals

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Experts opine that how an individual starts their day has a great influence on how they end it. Habits make a man, and hence, it is important to take note of habits, weed out the unhelpful ones and cultivate good habits.

"How do I start my day? How do the things I do influence the outcome of my day? What can I do to enhance the productiveness of my day?" These questions should be asked by anyone seeking to improve upon their lives and businesses. Answers to these and many more tips are discussed in the awesome Habits and Rituals audio program, geared towards helping an individual to be conscious of their habits.

This program introduces you to the habits and rituals of the world's greatest people, and you will find inspiration in the success stories told. Since it takes small steps to lead up to a big outcome, even the most random habits are essential in determining the success or failure of a venture. With inspiring messages and invaluable advice, this audio program will be of great benefit to an individual seeking to improve upon their quality of life and/or a business.

This premium audio program includes:
• Suggested Helpful Daily Habits and Rituals
• Inspiration to Put an End to Bad Habits that Negatively Impact Progress
• Motivation to Do More by Following the Exemplary Habits of Listed World Leaders
• Great Points on Managing a Successful Career Through Intentional Habits

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