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Walter Bond Seminars

All Buts Stink! (E-Book)

All Buts Stink! (E-Book)

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How to Live Your Best Life and Eliminate Excuses The best-selling book by Walter Bond

What is standing between you and your dreams? Whatever it may be, let this enlightening
All Buts Stink! E-book guide you on eliminating the ‘but’ obstacle from your life!

Making excuses is much easier than executing your plans and that is why you need this
extra motivation to push you right over the edge into much-needed victory. Keeping you
committed and accountable, you get to reach your full potential with every thought-out
decision you make towards achieving your goals!

Watch the future you crave slowly unveil itself before you as you take charge of your
situation now!


  • Expose Barriers to Your Success
  • Overcome an Attitude of Mediocrity
  • Tips on How to Be in Control of Your Current Situation
  • Set Goals and Achieving Them
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