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Walter Bond Seminars

All Buts Stink Course

All Buts Stink Course

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Since the majority of failures come from people who are in the habit of making excuses, allow yourself to strive for your goals. This “All Buts Stink!” course will expose any and all excuses and help you deal with them!

This course features eight eye-opening lessons, such as: taking charge of your present circumstances, amassing knowledge, investing your time profitably, setting achievable goals with a vision, and generally leaving no room for disappointment.

The “All Buts Stink!” course is a sure way to success that will keep you committed and accountable to the end. Let nothing stand in the way of your making it. If you can think it, then you can achieve it!


  • Gain Control of Your Attitude
  • Dominate Your Current Situation
  • Learn About Gaining Knowledge and Information
  • Goal Setting
  • Have Better Time Management
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